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||   Rolled. Not Packed.   ||

Here at Jack's PreRolls, we create the perfect straight roll with the highest quality materials using the most advanced techniques available.  From ideation through execution, we are proud of everything we produce here. We’re sure you’ll be satisfied with your products just like all of our past customers. Check out our selection below.

'Maybe Cones are Better for Ice-Cream'  - Jack

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Providing several different types of papers, from hemp to rice. You're able to make that perfect smoke with the perfect paper. Perfect for that casual stroll or an all day fishing trip.


  •  100’s of different Terpenes can be added to the papers for any strain

  • Soon custom crutch printing will allow for your logo or unique message.

  • Tip options are available as well. From cardboard and wood to glass.


With Straight style rolling, you're able to maximize the space in your packaging and provide a better smoking experience for your customers. Each preroll is packed precisely using one point of pressure. Thus, elevating the quality of your product and ultimately, their experience. Consistency of your brand is achieved by the use of a unique machine in conjunction with our premium grade papers and tips.


With Straight (Lieberman style) rolling, we are able to maximize the space in packaging to provide a better value.  This elevates the quality of your product and ultimately, the overall experience. With Jack’s, now you can use your best product and avoid using leftover debris for filling. Clogging, canoeing and runs, typically associated with cones, are avoided providing a lower cost overall.


Constructed in the USA



New Orleans, LA  |  Portland, OR


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